Renfro Design Group is an architectural lighting design firm that works closely with our clients and partners to deliver thoughtful, high-quality projects. Based in New York for over 20 years, RDG combines experience, knowledge and artistic expression to maximize the harmonious integration of light and architecture. Built on the vision of Richard Renfro, an internationally-recognized, award-winning lighting designer, the firm is known for its innovative and tailored approach. Frequently working outside the bounds of conventional lighting solutions, RDG designs new and dynamic techniques that push the capabilities of the discipline’s role within a project. 

RDG Office, New York

Mr. Renfro’s education in architecture brings specialized knowledge to the collaborative relationship between architect and lighting designer. Based on an understanding of the way in which light moves through a space, RDG’s process integrates architectural concerns with those of a project’s various stakeholders and end-users. Where lighting can become an integral aspect of the design, RDG works to incorporate their experience and passion for the medium.

Richard and his team have applied this approach at all scales, working on projects spanning museums, civic, educational, historic, corporate, landscape projects and more.

RDG has completed over 300 projects in NYC, working with both public and private partners to enhance our community
Morgan Library & Museum, McKim Restoration


The firm’s process revolves around helping our clients envision their space. The journey often begins with a simple question: “What is the first impression you want you want to create?” With that goal foremost in our minds, we identify and articulate how light will move through the space, determine which elements will be lighted (and which will not) as well as where those light sources will be located. A thoughtful and selective lighting of architectural elements defines a space and reinforces its function.

LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park

RDG's team looks for creative ways to achieve a project's design goals. We communicate ideas to our clients by using lighting diagrams and illustrations and by preparing study models or mock-ups. In specifying lighting equipment that meets the needs of the project’s illumination requirements, budget, and maintenance program, RDG ensures that design solutions can be implemented to the highest quality.

We also believe in thorough communication with the construction team and client, remaining involved throughout the construction process. Facing the challenges of construction and coordination with multiple trades, onsite focus, system tuning and turn-over to ensure the design goals have been achieved, we can realize successful and innovative projects.

David Zwirner 20th Street, first commercial gallery to earn LEED Gold certification

Sustainable Lighting

RDG has extensive experience in creating and implementing flexible, energy efficient and maintenance-friendly designs tailored to a project’s specific needs. We maintain that purposeful lighting placement that articulates the architecture, while supporting the occupants, minimizes energy consumption. As energy conservation has become essential, RDG remains committed to constructing efficient, well-illuminated environments that emphasize a sustainable design objective.

The RDG design approach crafts a hierarchy of illumination within a space, only lighting essential elements to balance both the function and beauty of architecture. In addition to architectural lighting design, our firm provides daylight analysis, review of LEED lighting credits and lighting controls specifications. By reducing building energy consumption we can lower overall lighting maintenance and cost. Responsible lighting design begins with sustainable concepts, thoughtfully chosen light sources, compliance with energy codes and implementation of intelligent lighting controls with attention towards longevity.