Battery Park City Ferry Terminal is constructed atop a 32,000 sf barge, the largest of its kind in the United States. The terminal was built to replace a smaller, temporary structure that outgrew its capacity after 9/11.

The dock's undulating fabric roof evokes the sails of a boat and is designed with glass walls to provide protection from the wind while preserving the views from the surrounding park and walkways. By day, the translucent fabric gently diffuses the sunlight, however at night, the fabric roof is also the main light source for the terminal. This effect is achieved with indirect lighting at the roof’s peak as well as uplights integrated into the canopy's structure. A custom fluorescent fixture, emulating the skylight’s ribs, was also used to complete the lighting scheme, providing a soft glow that can be seen by visitors and the occupants of adjacent office towers.

To allow for smooth transitions via the gangplank, the contrast and control of the lighting's brightness were carefully considered for night vision. In the center of the terminal, higher light levels allow passengers to navigate between the ticketing, concessions, restrooms and turnstiles. Task lighting is used at the turnstiles and the concessions areas to supplement indirect lighting.