Situ Studio’s winning design for the 5th annual Times Square Valentine’s Day Heart Competition was inspired by the effects of Hurricane Sandy, expressing the love that binds New Yorkers together during difficult times. Heartwalk was created using boardwalk planks salvaged during the hurricane’s aftermath from both the New York and New Jersey waterfronts; the structure's form creates an undulating, three-dimensional heart.

Since the interior structure and fixtures were visible from all vantage points, it was necessary to implement a layout with effective optics, minimal glare, and durability in a popular exterior public surround. RDG used red LED fixtures to illuminate the vertical interior edges of the unfinished structure from within, while white vertical LEDs at the entry identify the installation and illuminate the faces of visitors.

RDG’s lighting design reinforces the architect’s desire to have the installation envelop visitors – providing a moment of pause in one the country’s busiest public spaces.