Completed as part of the extensive renovation of Pietro Belluschi's 1973 Manton Research Center at the Clark Art Institute, the Manton Reading Room is a transformation of the building's former indoor sculpture court. Working with the architects, RDG provided lighting design for the main 40' tall space as well as the adjacent gallery spaces, offices, library stacks, Study Center for Works on Paper and auditorium.

As part of the re-thinking of the space, the reading room's skylight was restored and mezzanines were added to accommodate 24' bookcases. Arm-mounted fluorescent wallwashers highlight the bookshelves as focal points and define the double height space as a library and study area. The 7-by-7 foot ceiling coffers were reconfigured with a custom, light-diffusing baffle and an updated electric lighting system for improved thermal and daylight performance throughout the year.